GrowthDebt is a new type of growth financing.. a blend between traditional bank debt and venture capital. GrowthDebt offers a flexible structure with variable payments that lets companies grow without having to dilute ownership.
Growth debt helps companies grow without diluting equity ownership.


  • Non-Dilutive: GrowthDebt is non-dilutive to shareholders. Royalties are used as an alternative to warrants or other equity-linked instruments as with traditional forms of non-bank debt, private equity, and venture capital.
  • No Valuation: GrowthDebt is attractive to companies that are adverse to equity dilution and drawn-out valuation negotiations.  GrowthDebt renders the valuation conversation irrelevant.
  • No Pressure to Sell: GrowthDebt is self-extinguishing, so there is no need for business owners to force an exit or sell their business.
  • Alignment of Interests: Our interests are aligned directly with those of business owners to increase top-line revenue.